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About us

What can we do for you

Electrica Australia is a highly experienced international trade import and export consultant, assisting clients throughout the highly complex process of importing and exporting a range of goods from all over the world. With 15 years experience we can help you manage the import/export environment and ensure you have a thorough understanding of new markets before you commence business. 

Our services involve extensive market research and information gathering in relation to your specific market and product of choice, trade consultation about the whole import/export process (end to end), identification of appropriate suppliers, product and price negotiations, contract arrangements with suppliers and end purchaser, sourcing of goods, shipping and customs clearance.

We work with our clients to provide an end to end service for international trade services including a wide variety of goods. Our main markets of expertise are Asia and we can assist throughout the whole international trade process to minimise risk and ensure your goals are met. Conducting extensive research and understating your market is the first step to any sucessfull international business and trade.

Minimise your international trade risk by cooperating with our highly experienced team to research and understand your market.